Happy Holidays!

by Duchess Lia!


«The real nobility is to be superior to who we were yesterday »

Duchessa Lia's 2019 has been crossed by an interesting research on the concept of "nobility", also through the use of the claim "Make your day noble". An investigation that made us question the many meanings of this word, which too often is used lightly, if not with contempt.

Through interviews, insights, articles, videos and photographs we have instead discovered a nobility made of elegance, naturalness, expressiveness, gestures that change our day for the better (you can find all the contents produced on our blog or on Instagram through the hashtag #makeyourdaynoble).

Perhaps this really is the meaning of "nobility", whose etymology refers to the Latin term noscĕre, which means "to make clear through the intellect", or "to enhance". "Noble" is not the attitude of superiority acquired by right or birth, but our intimate ability to make the ordinary extraordinary, to dignify the everyday.

It is this "nobility" that we want to convey through the wines of Duchessa Lia: the wish that a good glass will be able to underline the beauty of the moment, enhancing the emotions and experiences that, also thanks to the wine, we are sharing.

Duchessa Lia wishes you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!




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