From Roero To London, An Interview With Sara Quaglia

An Interview with Sara Quaglia

“Make your day noble.” This is the theme of 2019 for Duchessa Lia. You may have already noticed it weaving its way through our Noble Stories, a selection of vignettes about Piedmont’s nobility. Now, we are expanding this theme to the present day with a series of interviews conducted with bloggers who share with us their personal idea of nobility and Duchessa Lia wine.

Catch up on the first interview in the series, with Eleonora Galimberti. Today, we are speaking with a very special blogger, Sara Quaglia. Born and raised in Piedmont, specifically in the Roero hills, Sara now lives in London. She is a full-time mother to Catherine and Harvey, with an incandescent Instagram that shares the adventures of their daily life. Sara makes motherhood look enchanted with a vibrant joy for life.

Hi Sara, can you tell us something about yourself? 

I was born and raised in the Roero hills. For a good slice of my life I lived well, but always felt constrained by the small town. At 26 years old, I decided to begin by expat journey. I have since lived in 5 countries – Italy, Tunisia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and England – finally settling in the only place I’ve ever thought of as home: London. First and foremost, I am a mom. However, in 2014 when my daughter was born, I started blogging to counter the boredom of Zurich’s countryside life. I named it “Sara and Catherine’s Tales” which continues to be the blog’s name, even with the addition of my son, Harvey. From humble beginnings, it became a virtual space to explore my passion for photography and storytelling. The blog became a part of my life and eventually my work; which is something I am very proud of. I get to use my creativity every day to share my personal take on life. 

The picture you paint on your social channels is a life of elegance with a noble aura. What does it mean to be “noble” today? 

For me, true nobility lies in the soul of each of us. It means to have respect for others and acceptance of their ideas. Working on social media has allowed me to relate to so many people and to find endless creative ideas. Unfortunately, though, I still see a lot of closed-mindedness towards what is perceived as "different" from one's own experience.


What do people abroad think about Piedmont? 

More and more people know and appreciate "our" hills (I say ours because for me they smell of memories, love and family and, forever, I will also feel a little mine.) Imagine that even my American neighbors often go to Alba for the holidays and love it! 

What are the first things you associate with the Langhe and Roero hills? 

The Langhe and Roero are associated primarily with food and good wine, as well as the breathtaking views and the avant-garde accommodations. I myself, when I'm in Piedmont for the holidays, still marvel at its beauty. 

This year, Duchessa Lia launched the hashtag #makeyourdaynoble. What makes a day special for you? What transforms it from normal to exceptional? 

My days are exceptional when all 4 of us are together. My husband is almost always away and it is really nice to meet again on the weekends. Another thing I love to do is get on a train and discover this beautiful land that is England; walking for hours in a new place recharges me and enriches me. 

When you are looking for a bottle of wine, what are looking for? What are the characteristics that win you over? 

I love round wines with a fruity taste that is not too aged. On weekends we often go to the farmer’s market in Chelsea or Borough Market to buy bread and cheese for dinner with a nice glass of Dolcetto; one of our favorites. 

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. How will you be celebrating? Can you recommend a Duchessa Lia wine to gift or share? 

As always, for me, a family party with handwritten notes from Catherine and Harvey, my two children, and so much good food. As a gift, I would definitely recommend the Asti Docg Secco Duchessa Lia perfect for an aperitif or dessert. I love how its sugary notes blend into a more dry and surprising taste.

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